Tired all the time?

How do you boost your energy levels…with a cup of coffee?

When you're tired all the time, you can have a cup of coffee and you will feel better, right? Everybody knows that, don't they?

Well, if you feel tired all the time, coffee will not help you! Here is why… The first thing you should know is that the effects of stimulants, such as energy drinks, or coffee, don't last. You do feel better for a little while, but after the effects wear off, you feel worse than before. And what do most people do then? Have another cup of coffee, of course… and then another…

Chances are, if you work different shifts for a living, drive all day or long distances you definitely fit into this category.

What most people don't know is that too much coffee can actually make you feel tired. It can also cause iron deficiency and vitamin B deficiency. It flat out depletes all your minerals. Leaving you feeling constantly fatigued.

The second major problem is that stimulants only hide the symptoms of fatigue – they do nothing about the condition itself.

Because of that, you are able to ignore your fatigue, as a result, don't do anything about it. You just keep on pushing your body to its limits and beyond.

In the end, your body can't keep up with you – it burns out and leaves you chronically fatigued.

Now, before I tell you how you can stop feeling tired all the time, let me just show you what my life looks like now. Read on – your life could be like this too. Imagine what it would be like…

In the morning you wake up without the alarm clock – you don't need it anymore. You open your eyes and feel completely rested and full of energy. You can't wait to start the day.

When you see others they are red-eyed and yawning. You think to yourself, “I can't believe I used to be just like that.”

You finish your tasks easily. You have no troubles concentrating for longer periods of time. Fatigue is no longer holding you back.

You don't head directly for the couch anymore. You still have enough energy for whatever you want to do – go to the movies, play with your kids, or have a walk.

In the evening, you go out with your friends. They notice how full of life and energy you are. They ask you what your secret is. You stay out late as you don't need as much sleep as you used to.

At home, when you are getting ready for bed, you think to yourself, “Now, this is what life should be like!”

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