Postpartum Depression...when the blues won't go away.

Postpartum depression, or in my case the "blues", is a terrible thing. These feelings are so overwhelming that you don't know who you are anymore.

How can we go from being so happy during pregnancy to feeling so low after childbirth?

Well, this page is a result of a lady I met today at the bank with a 5 week old baby. Someone, I just happened to strike up a conversation with, someone who brought back a whole lot of memories of which I thought I'd share with you.

I experienced postpartum depression or blues after the birth of my second son, Justin. There's two years between my boys and I always knew that I wanted children close together in age. But now I was questioning myself. Had I done the right thing? I had no idea what I was experiencing or what postpartum depression was. I was now home with two little children to brave the days and nights alone along with a short fuse and no sleep. I was constantly fatigued.

Let me also say that I never in anyway felt I was going to harm my children and if you feel like you are then please, please contact your doctor. There is nothing wrong with admitting how your feeling. Let a doctor diagnose whether or not your are suffering from postpartum depression, let someone help you.

My husband helped out as much as he could but he worked and part of his work involved traveling which threw me into a tailspin every time he announced he had to leave on yet another business trip.

When he was home and tried to console me and quite often that would seem like he was taking pity on me. It was a no win situation.

But I coped! I had some family members who were willing to help out when I was alone and just knowing they were there and understood meant the world to me.

I can't really tell you how long that period of my life lasted, some of it seems like a blur, a moment stood still in time.

What I do know is that it's hard sometimes to see light when there's so much dark and some of those days were darker than I care to remember.

I needed to get out of my rut! I needed to start doing things for myself again and I knew it had to start with me.

I started to get up early, shower and dress up. Even if I had had a rough night, I set my alarm and showered before my husband left for work.

I started to understand that how I looked was how I felt. Make sense! Hanging out in a tatty old t-shirt and pajama pants all day was pulling me down.

I went out with the kids, even if it was for a walk or to the mall, the bank, a visit to a friends home for an hour. I needed to communicate with other adults. Let's face it, you can only do so much goo goo ga ga in a day.

I looked at my diet and made sure that I was getting all the proper nutrients I needed to look better and feel better.

So often, we as mothers, are so concerned about everyone else that we forget the most important! Yes us! As a mother, if we get sick the whole house falls apart. We are the single most important person in the home, the glue that bonds everything and everyone together.

Okay, so I do watch a little Oprah now and again and she always says that mother's and stay at home mother's is the hardest job ever. If Oprah says it it must be right.

When looking at my diet, I realized that I wasn't getting all the nutrients I needed. I was guilty of skipping meals as well as not eating properly.

I have been blessed that I've been able to be involved with a great nutritional company and so I was able to make some adjustments to what nutritional supplements I was taking.

It was clear that I needed to bridge the nutritional gap a little more than I had been.

It wasn't long before I started to have more energy, that I could finally start seeing "the light" and life felt like it was in a groove a rhythm and we were all happy.

I realized that the help my husband was offering was and had always been genuine, it was only what I was experiencing at the time that I felt differently.

Today, my kids are 17, 15 and 10 and our challenges have changed from sleepless crying nights to making decisions on what University to go to. And Yes, I know I made the right decision to have not only two kids but a third.

What seems like a mountain today will be something you'll be sharing with others for a lifetime. Enjoy your kids but most of all look after you...the glue that holds everything together.

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