How to beat fatigue

How do you beat fatigue? Fatigue can range from minor to debilitating where functioning through the day can just seem like an uphill battle.

You may already recognize the signs of fatigue and now your just trying to cope and hopefully get through another day feeling a little less tired than you have been.

So, lets start with the symptoms.

Some of the symptoms that may be affecting you are aching muscles and joints, anxiety, depression, difficulty concentrating, poor memory, fever, headaches, low blood pressure, intestinal problems and pain, irritability, loss of appetite, mood swings, muscle spasms, upper respiratory tract infections, nasal congestion, candida, sensitivity to light and heat, sleep disturbances, night sweats, sore throats, swollen glands (lymph nodes) and extreme fatigue.

Being overweight can also make you feel tired. Carrying all that extra weight takes a toll on every part of your body, especially the joints.

Losing the weight can help with you feeling a sense of rejuvenation not to mention your knees will thank you...ten fold.

Finding out why you are feeling fatigued is the first step. How to beat fatigue is the next step.

Some people, simply don't have the will nor the desire to figure out why they may feel this way but others do. So when you finally decide that your sick and tired of feeling sick and tired that's the first sign to taking your life into your own hands and taking the first steps to feeling better. Of course these first steps are often the hardest.

Consult with your physician

Just to rule out anything major, always make sure you consult with your doctor and have him/her run tests to make sure that your feeling of fatigue is just that.

When those tests come back all clear and if you are still feeling exhausted, it could be as simple as you making some lifestyle changes to boost your energy level.

Here are some suggestions for you to try:

Get A Good Nights Rest

I cannot stress how important this is. Sleeping allows the body to detoxify. It allows you to feel refreshed in the morning waking with a clear head to face the day and whatever challenges it may bring you. The other alternative, not getting a good nights sleep, leaves your feeling cranky, snapping at every little thing that takes place.

Getting into a regular sleep pattern is the answer to better health. Going to bed at a relatively decent hour every night means routine for your body...something it likes.

Clean Up Your Diet

If your not a fan of eating breakfast now would be a good idea to change. Eating a well balanced breakfast is a great start to the day and can keep your blood sugar stable for hours giving you energy to get through the morning.

Watch how many empty carbohydrates your consuming. Look more toward the complex carbs which take longer to break down in the body again giving you sustained energy. Those cookies and chips will not only add to the waistline but will have you looking for more to eat sooner than later.

Drink plenty of good clean purified water. This also helps with you feeling satisfied and is a good alternative to coffee or soda which gives you a sense of energy for a short time and then has you hitting rock bottom after the sugar rush has subsided.

Drink Less Alcohol

I like a beer now and again after a hard days work, however drinking alcohol will also increase your fatigue. If your thinking of losing some extra pounds having a few glasses of wine after work is not the answer as it will increase to your weight gain.


I can almost hear you sigh as soon as you read the heading. Exercise....sigh! It doesn't mean you have to join a gym with a trainer but if you'd like to, that's wonderful.

Something as simply as walking vigorously 3 times a week can do wonders for beating fatigue and stress. Quite often where's there's fatigue there's stress.

Invest In Some Supplements

Boosting your immune system is a great way in how to beat fatigue. During the summer months people often think that they don't need to supplement simply because they eat better.

Well the reality is is that because of where our food comes from nowadays and the fact that there's preservatives in almost everything we eat, we still need to fill the nutritional gap.

Taking a multi-vitamin is a good first step as well as a protein shake. There's a lot of "stuff" out there so it's buyer beware. If you live in Canada, always look for a DIN number, this will insure that the company you choose to do business with is regulated in Canada.

The guidelines that company's have to abide by can save you some disappointment in the long run. Make sure that these supplements don't come with outrageous claims. If it looks too good to be true, chances are it's too good to be true.

I Can Only Tell You What I know

As for me, well I've been taking a great multi-vitamin for the last 18 years made from whole food ingredients. These whole foods come from our human food chain, not tree bark or pond scum. And while you may shudder at the thought, those ingredients are really in the supplement on store shelves.

The company I choose to associate myself with have been around for the last 50 years priding themselves in the field of nutrition and making the best quality food supplements.

What's the difference between my multi-vitamin and yours? Quite honestly, and ingredient called Lipids and Sterols or essential fatty acids. These lipids and sterols have been stripped from our food supply simply because it enables any item that's made from wheat to stay on the shelves a lot longer.

Lipids and sterols are the oils found in the grain and if they were to leave them in the food we eat it would simply go rancid within a day or so.

So, out they come leaving us with fiber but none of the real goodness that our body's crave and need to function.

How to beat fatigue - the answers are not in our foods

Today, because of modern machinery and food processing our food supply is not generally the greatest.

Fruits and vegetables are picked before their time and warehoused in distant parts of the world only to be shipped to all parts of this beautiful world.

We no longer live in a world where items are seasonal. It's not uncommon to find strawberries in January in Toronto or even items that are used by different cultures grown in countries like the Caribbean for sale in our local grocery store.

While this certainly has it's advantages, it has it's disadvantages as well. Our food is simply less nutritious.

Without fruits and vegetables to be left to ripen on the vine this last stage means that the nutrients that would normally ripen a fruit are not there. If you think back to when you were a kid, I'm sure you can remember strawberries tasting a little sweater. Or your favorite fruit or vegetable tasting a little different.

It's also true that there are chemicals used on your favorite fruits and vegetables. Hence, the reason why there are so many organic choices now.

Lipids/Sterols, part of the fatty acid family

Lipids and sterols are part of the hormones made by our endocrine gland system. Hormones make us what we are, they control our mood, energy, appearance, healing and other aspects of life.

Without a rich supply of fatty acids from our food supply we simply cannot function at our optimal best. We have problems manufacturing these hormones.

These lipids and sterols also are part of our cell structure. Every cell has a membrane surrounding it that has a layer of those fatty acids within. They keep the cell wall soft and permeable so that nutrients can get in and waste out. This gives you energy and you guessed it, helps beat fatigue.

Most vitamin/mineral companies completely missed this boat when formulating their supplements. They made theirs based on cost not what's right for you the consumer.

This multi-vitamin can help put an end to Chronic Fatigue as well as boost the adrenal system. It's truly unique!

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