Hormonal Imbalance

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Most women in child bearing age have some sort hormonal imbalance or PMS leading up to their monthly menstrual cycle. These symptoms can occur during the two weeks prior to menses or vanish when the period begins but can also continue after the flow has begun.

Menstrual periods usually last from three to five days, but periods as short as two days or as long as seven may be normal for you. Menstrual flow is usually heaviest in the first two days and can contain small clots.

Hormonal Imbalance or PMS can have a variety of symptoms:

Breast tenderness or swelling
Joint, muscle pain

Bursts of anger
Mood swings

Poor digestion
Yeast infections

Food cravings

PMS was originally seen as an imagined disease. When women first started reporting these symptoms, they were told it was all in their head. Today, we know that this is simply not the case

It seems that girls as young 10 years old are going through puberty and getting their menstrual cycle. This is cause for alarm and in my mind is too early. With food processing and chemicals in our environment it all lends itself to girls going through puberty a lot sooner.

Things that can contribute to hormonal imbalance are polluted environment, poor diet, processed foods, stressful lifestyle, genetic makeup and family history. Unfortunately, we can’t get rid of the stress but we can support the body to deal with it, which could mean a happier period.

Of course, there is absolutely no substitute for rest and the body needs this to repair and heal itself.

Cutting back on caffeine, coffee, tea and alcohol will help with your hormonal imbalance. Coffee elevates blood pressure and is a form of addiction. Decaf can also have chemicals so if anything cut back to 1 or 2 cups a day.

I was a heavy coffee drinker before and couldn’t figure out why my digestion was all out of whack…more than usual. When I figured out it was the coffee I slowly started to cut back. My chiropractor asked me to give it up cold turkey but I couldn’t deal with the headaches. Today, I’m down to one cup a day and I enjoy it. Any more than that and I’m a mess.

The need to exercise has many benefits; first of all it helps with decreasing the stress in your life. It also gets the circulatory system functioning. The lymphatic system will get rid of toxins faster when you put a little exercise in your life. I’m not talking about running a marathon but I am talking about getting out and walking.

You’d be surprised how much better you’ll feel. If you don’t like walking alone get someone to go with you or load up your MP3 and walk to the rhythm of your songs. Too much exercise can cause stress on the adrenal glands as there is free radical damage to the cells that takes place so don’t overdo it.

Drink plenty of clean water. At least ½ cup every ½ an hour. This actually gets rid of the excess water retention you experience.

It was once thought that all hormones were produced by the endocrine gland system. But in the late 1960’s it was discovered that each cell also produces its own set of hormones for important body functions. They were called “prostaglandins” because they were discovered in the cells of the prostate gland.

Since that time many varieties of prostaglandins have been found, making a whole family of these cell-manufactured hormones. They control many important functions of the body such as blood pressure, and childbirth contractions as well as the normal healthy workings of the female monthly cycle.

In order for these prostaglandins to function properly, they need lipids and sterols. Like the hormones of the endocrine system, they are composed of protein, minerals, lipids and sterols.

Since the time when the flour mill was introduced, these lipids and sterols have been removed from our food supply leaving us with bread that lasts for a week and pasta that has no shelf life. It’s no wonder we suffer with a hormonal imbalance.

If you are someone who's been suffering with hormonal issues it's easy to be consumed with all the things that surround your issues. But getting the body to work properly is the key to some or all you are faced with.

Good nutrition enables the body to perform it's duties quite often without medical intervention. Give the body the tools and it knows what to do with it.

Below are a list of supplements that will help to regulate your hormonal system.

Above, I spoke about the importance of lipids and sterols and how they have a profound affect on your hormonal system. The first product showcased is our multi vitamin which has these lipids and sterols and the reason why it's critical for your hormonal system.

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