Driving tired?

Are you driving tired? Do you drive for a living or maybe do shift work and come home at all hours. Are you worried about falling asleep behind the wheel and potentially getting into an accident or losing your license where you'll be unable to work?

Would you like to feel energized but don't know where to turn? Including nutritional supplements could be a piece of the puzzle to feeling alert.

You are impaired driving tired is as someone with a blood alcohol level of .05. 20% of Canadians admit to falling asleep at the wheel and fatigue has been linked to at least 15% of motor vehicle accidents.

Driving tired slows your reaction time, decreases awareness of your surroundings, impairs your judgment and of course increases your risk of an accident.

The hypothalamus in the brain, which is your body clock, is responsible for, among a lot of things your sleep cycle.

Ever wonder why you may feel drowsy between 1 and 3, it's because of your hypothalamus. We generally have two drops in our alertness during the day, one at this time and another between dusk and dawn...the reason why we sleep at night.

Other factors could also affect your drowsy driving.

Other factors affecting you

Trying to juggle family live and work is a tough road. Especially if you are working shift work or late nights, you may find yourself driving tired more often than not.

Working shifts or weird hours can leave you behind the wheel with drowsy eyes. Yawning, heavy eyes, blurred vision and reduced concentration are all indications that your driving tired.

In this economy, we have to do what's necessary as mortgages have to be paid and time lines at work met. Scared to take a day off to rest going to work is the only option where the cycle of sleep deprivation is a reality.

Some of the professions that may feel drowsy while driving are, truck drivers, nurses, doctors, shift workers, City road workers, just to name a few but certainly not limited to. Teenagers are also at risk as they go out with friends at night and come home at all hours.

Diet and driving tired

Although there are many factors playing key roles in driving tired, your diet also is one of them. Professions, that have someone drive for prolonged periods of time like a truck driver, will probably stop at a truck stop to grab coffee and something to eat. Nurses, doctors just to name a few also work in shifts and will grab anything to keep them going.

What you experience at the end is the blood sugar bottoming out and all of a sudden you experience that crash and burn feeling.

There are many benefits to taking supplements if your in anyone of those professions where you drive for a living or simply work through the night or shift work.

Feeding the cells the proper nutrition means that your cells can keep you feeling energized for a longer period of time. Feeling rested when you wake or preventing you from driving tired are just some of them.

One of the other benefits could also be less time off work due to illness. Think about it...the better you fuel your body the better it will work for you.

If your a truck driver reading this, you know that your truck will only work for you if it has the right gas, oil, tires, engine etc. It all works in harmony together to get you from point A to B without any failure. Therefore, shouldn't you treat your body the same!

Supplements play a key role

There are just a couple of products that I would like to talk with you about today. A couple that can help with your tiredness and lack of energy. I'm not saying that this is the be all and end all after all, keeping yourself and others on the road free from harm should be your priority. Driving tired is never a good idea and should be avoided at all cost.

However,if you find that you are tired all the time these two products can help re-energize you. If you are currently not taking a multi-vitamin now's a good time to start.

I take an excellent multi-vitamin with Lipids and Sterols which detoxify the cells to help you feel energized allowing nutrients into the cells and waste out.

If you are currently taking a multi-vitamin, I encourage you to continue and purchase the Lipids and Sterols separately from me.

You'll be amazed at just how great you feel.

A little info on Lipids and sterols:

Lipids and sterols come from wheat, rice and soy. These are the oils that are stripped at the processing stage so that your white bread, pasta's and cereals can have a longer shelf life.

What we know is that these oils are essential, meaning that the body needs them but we need to get them from our diet.

Lipids and sterols keep our cells energized!!! When these oils penetrate the outside layer of your cells it allows nutrients in and waste out. This causes you to have more energy. Without these oils found in our multi-vitamin, your cells are tired and constipated. Only some nutrients can get in and some waste gets out.

The other product is protein. Protein is key to life and is responsible for every organ and muscle in your body.

Our hair, nails, skin all depend on protein. The quality of protein is important. When seeking out a protein shake, it doesn't have to be what the body builders drink...that chalky, hard to swallow stuff. I'm talking about a great tasting drink that you and your family will love.

All 22 amino acids, which means your body will love it!

These two products are basically all you need. Pretty easy isn't it!

Nutritional supplements can complete a piece of the puzzle that perhaps you hadn't thought about. Keeping you energized through the day, where awareness and reaction speed are imperative.

Making shift work or driving for a living easier to handle. Let's put an end to driving tired.

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