Fatigue Testimonials and more

I would like to thank everyone who has submitted their fatigue testimony to me and please keep them coming. These are just a few of which I received.

Traci writes:

10 years ago I was a mother of 2 young children with a full-time job. I was feeling tired most days and was continually getting colds, sinus infections, headaches and so on. A friend, told me about a get together for GNLD which might make a difference to my health. Even though I didn't have the time, I felt that I needed help and I attended. I purchased the multi-vitamins called Formula IV Plus and within days of taking these, I began to feel much better. I have continued to take this multi-vitamin and have also added other products to my daily routine (i.e. vitamin B) as well as doing some of the cleanses.

I absolutely love the GNLD products and I have not bought any other multi-vitamin in the past 10 years. I am also very comfortable calling my GNLD Rep and asking any health questions and which products could help me. Jackie is easy to talk to and very helpful.

Henry writes:

My wife has had problems with pain and fatigue since an auto accident in 1993. She has continued to work ever since but with a lot of help from medicine and whatever else I could find that would give her the energy to keep going.

I found the pro vitality several months ago and she began taking it. She has become quite the skeptic over the years but I administered it to her so she took it. She began to see positive results after about 2 weeks. She was taking the packets twice a day.

When she went back to one packet she could tell it was not enough. So as long as she continues to take at least 2 packets a day she is able to continue to work doing therapy with young children.

Don writes:

My name is Donald Bailey, I was born in Coventry, England and can't even recall what age I started playing sports. I do remember the joy of playing every competitive sport around and by the age of seven I was meddled the fastest runner in my school. I moved to Mississauga, Canada at the age of eleven and I continue playing sports to this day, even though there was a time I thought my sports days were coming to an end.

At the age of around thirty I developed a slight discomfort in my left ankle, the visit to my doctor proved to be quite fruitless, he sent me to a specialist that did a series of test (x-rays, MRI, tension reflex etc). The diagnostic result of those tests reveled nothing and the highly intelligent conclusion from my doctor was a possible hairline fracture.

Still conflicted and coping with random agonizing pain flare-ups in my ankle I attended a social networking event and while there I struck up a conversation with a health nutritionist, she let me know I could have a form of arthritis called Gout - "a breakdown of calcium in your ankle cause by uric acid build up". She also let me know that "I could control or limit my Gout attacks by changing my diet and eating habit", that proved too strenuous and culturally challenging for me.

I informed my doctor of my new found revelation (Gout) he then hesitantly proscribed a medication that fights pain and inflammation, he let me know to be restrictive and use one pill before you play any games and one just after. Shorty after using it it was violently pulled from the market due to a high increase in public concern. Then he proscribed something else, a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug that can cause serious stomach side effects, such as bleeding and ulcers. I remained very skeptical and reluctant in the use of this usually reverting to endure the periodic excruciating pain flare-ups.

It was one of those enduring times when my daughter's soccer coach (Jackie) saw me hobbling to a soccer practice. Jackie asked me what was wrong, I let her know I had a form of athirst called Gout in my left ankle and every once in a while it flares up but it has been more on than off lately. She then went on to tell me she knows about Gout and could fix it…a co-worker friend of hers had the same Gout attacks - he now enjoys a pain free life style - mainly because he used a product named Full Motion. I hovered over her conversation with dismissal until a month or so after when Jackie saw me again hobbling to another one of my daughter's soccer practices - she didn't have to say too much, because I knew my wonky ankle was affecting my life style. We arranged a time and date for when I could purchase a bottle of Full Motion.

I purchased my first bottle of Full Motion on a Tuesday and started to feel a change in my ankle the next day by Thursday I could notice a big difference. The agonizing feeling I usually get in my left ankle when I roll out of bed was not there. I did feel some minor remnants of historic pain however I knew something exciting was happening but I wanted to remain cautiously optimistic.

The local soccer game I had been unable to attend regularly on Fridays will be the big test for Full Motion effectiveness. I'm now pain free and recommend Full Motion to my friends and family with my own testimonial.

Kim writes:

My daughter, Ashley who is 15 years old is an avid soccer player/runner and suffered toe/foot injury during the summer of '06 and was not able to take part in any sports. After taking 2 months off from soccer during the winter to rest her foot she was still not getting any better. Ashley started therapy such as laser, electric & massage. She did this for 2 months and still no improvement. In January she tried acupuncture and that caused more discomfort.

At that time, I heard about a meeting GNLD was having and it was focused on sports injuries, so naturally I attended and felt we had nothing to lose.

I put Ashley on Salmon Oil Plus and Formula IV. Within 2 weeks of taking the vitamins, Ashley noticed a great improvement in her foot and was able to train again in track & field and soccer. Her toe was so much better that she was able to compete at the track meet and qualified to move on the next level and had bettered her time by 33 seconds and place 3rd.

Ashley continues to play competitive soccer and has made flag football at her high school this year. It is great she is now pain free and able to do the sports she loves.

Dr. Rob writes:

In today's world, time is very precious. Trying to prepare a healthy meal is usually impossible. GNLD has given them not only a healthy alternative to breakfast and snack time, but also peace of mind knowing that GNLD uses only natural ingredients in all of its products.

I have complete confidence in referring these products to anyone wanting to improve their health. Now I share these products with my children. They taste so delicious that the kids don't even know its good for them.

Andi writes:

My 11 year old daughter has struggled with stomach issues all her life. She would always stress out when we would go to public places, because there was a pretty good chance that she would be hit with sudden pangs of pain and want to be in the comfort of her own home....very quickly!

For the past year soccer has become a huge part of her life and she spends more and more time on the field. Needless to say, I've had to pick her up early a number of times.

Jackie happened to notice and we started to talk about it, she suggested that we try GNLD's Aloe Juice. My response, at first, was very hesitant and I told her we had an appointment to see a Peadiatric Gastro-Enterologist and that I would rather hold off until then. As it turned out the wait seemed endless and the problem continued. I could not let her suffer any longer, so I called Jackie!

My daughter is a new person! She is now willing to take a chance and eat new foods and the panic that used to control her is diminishing. We even took a bottle of the Aloe to the specialist appointment to show her what had been helping, she had a look at the ingredients and said keep using it, it's all good and much better than a pharmaceutical option (for her problem).

Jackie is so helpful and easy to talk to that my daughter was able to open up to her. Our refrigerator will never be without the GNLD Aloe Vera Juice!

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