Fatigue Affecting Your Life?

Fatigue has been a big thing in my life. As I moved through my teens and into adult life, I was always tired. I slept all the time and when I wasn't asleep I felt like I should be. Some days were a complete blur where my days and nights just seemed to roll into one another.

During my late teens, I thought that that's what you did was sleep. You know, party all night, sleep all day! The only problem was I was never a partier and by the time I was in my early twenties I was already married and had a young family. Now tired all day because of a baby, I felt like I was on a merry-go-round that I just couldn't stop to get off.

I constantly looked exhausted and the dark circles around my eyes and my drawn face said so as well as my lack of energy. My options, albeit not many, were to live with it or do something about it. As fate would have it I was forced to choose the latter, and so my journey began!

If you are on this site because you've also made that decision then I would like to welcome you. As you browse through these pages you will find considerable information.

When I started to delve a little deeper into why I felt this way all the time, I was relieved to find others like me who could relate. As I started to make personal changes I was relieved again to finally start feeling better.

The feeling of fatigue can be debilitating but understanding it and knowing there is help can be empowering.

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Adrenal Fatigue
What is Adrenal Fatigue and how can it affect me?
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
A few things you should know in determining whether you have Fatigue or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Causes of Fatigue
What are some of the causes of fatigue and how do I know if it's related to something else.
Muscle Fatigue
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Tired all the time?
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Tired all the time
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Acid Reflux
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Hormonal Imbalance, the curse of PMS
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Boost Immune System
The need to boost immune system is an ongoing daily thing that needs to be taken seriously.
Joint Pain
With more than 100 joints connecting the bodys 206 bones we are all likely to experience some form of joint pain.
It's estimated that one out of every ten suffer from Osteoarthritis that's 3,000,000 Canadians
Physical Fitness
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Boost Energy Level by Eating Simply
Boost energy level by planning your meals.
Daily Vitamin Supplements and a Global Health Crisis
Taking daily vitamin supplements will help bridge the nutrional gap and put you in control of a Global Health Crisis.
When your suffering with fatigue/adrenal fatigue, there are superfoods that can help you overcome your symptoms.
Glycemic Diet
The glycemic diet can help you combat fatigue. By changing your lifestyle and eating habits you could find yourself with more energy to enjoy your day.
Fatigue Testimonials
How to overcome fatigue, testimonies for you and your family.
SBI, Site Build It
Why SBI Site Build It is the only one for me
Driving Tired
Are you driving tired? Driving tired will decrease your reaction time and awareness of your surrounding and increase your risk of an accident.
Function of Protein
The function of protein is to build and maintian our hair, skin nerves and organs such as our heart and brain.
Vitamin Supplements, Do You Know What To Look For
Know what to look for when purchasing vitamin supplements? Here are my top 5 things you should consider.
How to beat fatigue
How to beat fatigue and tiredness in easy steps that anyone can achieve.
Multi Vitamins for Energy Complete With EFA's
These multi vitamins for energy come complete with essential fats in them. Are you taking them?